6 – 8 years
Mondays  6pm – 7pm






Some badges Beavers can prepare at home 

2018-Parents-Badge INFO



What the Beaver Colony did during the summer term 2018 –    

2018 Summer term report


Photos from summer term 2018.



July 9th – the last meeting of the summer term and lots of goodbyes!



Badges and certificates were presented including a farewell certificate to a Beaver Scout moving to Thailand in August.

Leader woggles also had to be presented to the new Lodge Leaders before the 6 older Beavers ‘swam up’ to Cubs and were welcomed by Akela.


6 Beavers ‘swam up’ to Cubs at the end of the meeting. They look very smart in their Cub uniforms!


It was also ‘Tic Tac’s’ (Christine Kasper) last meeting.

To read more about this meeting please see the summer term report.


Hikes Away Stage 1 hike followed by a visit to the Cub camp – Saturday 30th June 2018



District Sports Afternoon at Scout Park – June 17th 2018

Although we had a team of only 5 Beavers we were placed 4th out of the 8 Colinies that took part.  Well done team!



Group AGM and Activity Day  – Chalfont Heights Campsite  – June 9th 2018





Find out about the past year in the Beaver Colony from the AGM report attached below.

2018 AGM report BEAVERS


St George’s Day  2018  – District Activity Day – Tolmers Scout Activity Centre, Cuffley – April 29th 

Although the weather was damp and cold and the ground very wet the Beavers had an enjoyable day.










April 2018 –   Easter holiday challenge to make a bug hotel.

For more information about this activity please see the attachment  –  BUG HOTEL

Insects have already taken up residence in some of the hotels.





February 2018 – District Domino Competition



January 2018 –   District Craft Competition

This year’s theme was  the village green.  Our team had great fun working together to produce a model that was placed 2nd as was our picture in the individual drawing section.  Well done team!




 Our first BUILDER Activity badge

This is one of the 2 new Activity badges launched by the Scout Association in January. A very helpful robot that was designed to do houshold chores.




January 2018 – First craft activity of the spring term




Beaver Section Report January – March 2018

Please find attached below our section report for January – March 2018

Beaver report – Spring term 2018





Collection of books for Bookbridge – Monday 2nd October 2017

Alan Hands, Strategy and Change Manager (Community Impact) at the Scout Association and 4 Explorer Scouts (Young Leaders) from the Isle of Dogs, East London,  joined us this evening to collect books that had been donated by parents from the 11th Southgate.  Alan and the Explorers had visited Mongolia in the summer and Alan taught the Beavers a game that they had played in Mongolia.


The Beavers found out about Bookbridge and the visit to Mongolia in summer 2017.  Bookbridge is a Scout inspired social enterprise with  expertise in education that runs 20 community-based learning centres across Cambodia, Mongolia and Sri Lanka to improve job and life  chances of many thousands of young people.  These centres are supported by the local Scouts and are at the heart of the community.



Alan told the Beaver parents about Bookbridge at the end of the meeting and thanked them for the children’s books they had donated.






Beaver Section Report –  September to December 2017   

Please find attached below our section report for the autumn term 2017

2017 Autumn term Beaver report



Beaver Section Report – April to July 2017

Please find attached below our section report for the summer term 2017

2017 Summer term report



St George’s Day  2017  – District Activity Day – Tolmers Scout Activity Centre, Cuffley

As you can see from the photos below the Beavers had a wonderful day.

P1050426 P1050412P1050424

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P1050386       P1050395       P1050389       P1050400

Beaver Section Report January – March 2017

Please find attached our section report for January – March 2017

2017 spring term Beaver report




Beaver Section Report September – December 2016

Please find attached our section report for September – December 2016

2016 autumn term BEAVER report






A big ‘thank you’ for supporting this year’s Poppy Appeal.  We helped raise £70-71!








Our community link with Christchurch Lodge continues to develop. In May the Beavers planted sunflower seeds and took them home to look after until they had germinated and grown to be tall enough to be planted out in the garden of Christchurch Lodge. Residents then looked after the plants during the summer so that the sunflowers could be entered into a competition with other Riverside Retirement homes in the area.  We have just found out the results. Christchurch Lodge came 2nd with their tallest sunflower, which was grown by Bethia. It measures 2.6m.

photo-1-12      photo-5      photo-2       20160919_180415-2


Beaver Section Report April – July 2016

Please find attached our section report for April – July 2016

2016 summer term Beaver report