10½ to 14

Meetings – Term time Tuesdays 7.15pm – 9.15pm

Times may vary at present

Leadership Team
Darryl Ashing
Heather Covill
Luke Bunton

Peter Blayney
Sam Covill
Steve Mayes

Returning to reality

We are extremely proud of the way the Scouts showed courage during the lock downs, while embracing virtual Scouting. Progress was made on each of the Challenge Awards, as well as Staged Activity Badges such as Emergency Aid and the newly created Great Indoors. A number of other Activity Badges were completed and awarded – Artist, Craft, World Faiths and more.

We are currently making the transition from “meeting” and “camping” online from home to being outside together and taking part in the real-world Scouting that we all joined for. The size of the Troop and the need for social distancing stops us meeting in the hut at present and even meeting outside is a steep learning curve for us all. We have had several successful events including kayaking at the Phoenix Outdoor Centre, Patrol events for gadget making and team problem solving in Hadley Woods and an athletics evening on Monken Hadley Common.